Mental Illness, Drugs and the Etheric Cord

Many spiritual traditions talk about the etheric cord, which connects our seven chakras. It extends from the crown chakra upwards to Source and from the root chakra downwards to the Earth, linking all our chakras on its way. When this cord is strong, clean and well-connected, the individual enjoys physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. In psychic vision, the etheric cord looks a little like a power supply cable: It is made up of thinner fibres, all wrapped up around each other, composing a thick, strong main cable for the transmission of life force, energy and information. This article concentrates more on the specific part of the cord, which relates to the 6th and 7th chakras and is located at the center of the brain, behind the third eye. In psychic vision, I see that when this particular area gets worn out, it leaves some thin component fibres disconnected from the main core, exposed and unprotected. Just like a damaged electricity cable, with broken insulation, there is the danger of different kinds of short-circuit accidents. For the etheric cord, this is when problems arise, often with symptoms characteristic of mental disturbances. This article discusses these problems, the role of drugs on these sensitive, disconnected fibres and some simple steps to help the healing of the damaged etheric cord. However, it is important to note that this article does not intend to substitute professional or medical advice of any kind. It refers to the purely energetic aspect of certain conditions and the ideas offered here may be of additional help to some individuals, in order to enhance the therapeutic effects of the treatment prescribed by their professional GP or therapist. Therefore, no responsibility can be assumed about the effectiveness of the application of these ideas on specific conditions.

The main core of the cable of the etheric cord is always connected to Source. For some people, who have separated themselves from Spirit, it may become very thin, while for some others, there may be interference. But, even in the worst cases, it is always connected to Source, otherwise we could not receive the life force energy to stay alive! A small minority of the component fibres may get off track, in this particular area, due to a variety of reasons, including stress, trauma, chemicals and negative energies in the environment. If there are heavy soul wounds, these may also impact the cord, at a certain time in the individual’s life, adding friction to it and therefore scratching off a few of these sub-wires, which then function like loose, disorientated antennae.

What will these little antennae do? When they are connected to the main cable, they can withstand the surrounding stresses. Through the main wire, connecting us to Source, we get our ‘input of sanity’. Sanity and mental balance are not to be taken for granted. The fact that we can all, more or less, agree on what is sane is due to the fact that we all receive our ‘sanity essence’ from the same Source. Off the main track, the wandering fibres start picking up other signals. If we lived in a perfectly peaceful, pure environment, with kind, calm, benevolent energies around, this would not be too much of a problem… The fibres, if they ever got off track, would easily reconnect back to the main cable, for its current has a strong magnetic effect, pulling all its parts back in line, along the main flow of life force. It is a little like the parallel electric wires in physics, attracting each other, when the current in them flows in the same direction.

In our day and age, however, the loose fibres pick up all kinds of floating negative signals, global thoughtforms, elements from the collective unconscious, wandering negative entities and energies, shadows in the soul history of the individual and also signals through electromagnetic waves of television and radio transmission, as well as wireless internet transmissions. One very common example is fear thoughts. The cable may pick up energies of fear, which originate from present repressed fear in humanity, accumulated fear thoughtforms from millennia of unhealed human history, energies which deliberately wish to scare in order to gather power or fearful trauma from past lives. The result is the individual suffering from unexplained panic attacks and phobias.

Another example is violence and aggression. The cable may pick up the repressed anger of other individuals. It may be influenced by dark energies which feed on aggression. Or it may pick up the signals of an immeasurable amount of violence, transmitted through TV stations and Internet games. Even when an individual does not know where his sudden urges for attack come from, the above psychic influences may well have something to do with it. I am talking here about influences of purely psychic nature. The individual may have never watched TV or play an Internet game, so this is not about learned behavior, which is another discussion. The fact that these thoughtforms exist in the psychic plane, is enough to influence an individual, with weak psychic resistance, to absorb them.

Television and the Internet may also be involved in the sexual obsessive talk (or act) which seems to be acted out in some mental disturbances. There has been so much pornography sent out through electromagnetic waves that it would not be surprising, if people manifest symptoms of sexual obsession and trauma, even without any seeming cause. As pornographic energy distorts human sexuality in a dark way, one aspect of psychic attack is to see disturbing pornographic images, which one does not know where they come from. These may well be stored in someone else’s computer. Codes of pornography and violence have flooded the electromagnetic and psychic space of the planet and some individuals are more susceptible to be impacted by it.

There is also much hidden sexual trauma within the human race. Since all minds are connected, it is no surprise that a mind in the US for example, suffers because of child sexual abuse occurring in an Asian-Pacific country. In as much as we would like to separate ourselves from our neighbors’ miseries, we cannot. Whether an individual will be susceptible to one particular form of mental instability or another, depends on many factors, including the general psychic and physical health of the individual, his soul history and past karmic imprints, the lessons assigned in his lifetime, the ambient psychic environment etc. There are no absolutes and, more often than not, the material picked up actually comes from within the individual’s own soul, his past life wounds and karma. Yet, outside psychic influences have a role to play, triggering or accentuating a sensitivity and this is why shielding from them is important.

The mechanism explained here, the worn-out cable, is different to what is often described as ‘possession’. Possession is much heavier, as a lot of the individual’s energy and body space is taken up by a negative entity, though the etheric cord is also manipulated by the entity’s transmissions. In the mechanism I am describing, there is not possession of the individual’s energy, just a ‘tuning’ off the main source. Depending on the number of loose cables, the interference may be stronger or weaker, frequent or rare. In both cases however, there is no need for fear, since the individual is ultimately in charge, by his own will, about where he wishes to direct his energy. Even if he needs outside help, he is still the one to decide where his energy will go and who to hear. Fear gives the negative interference more power, it is like fanning the flames.

How can an individual, who may be suffering from this kind of etheric wound, be helped? Again, the suggestions here are NOT to replace conventional psychiatric or psychotherapeutic treatments. But, they can be used in a complementary, assisting manner. Regarding psychiatric medication, I have seen the following (in psychic vision): Latest generation psychiatric drugs effectively seal off the stranded cables, so that no negative interferences can come through. This is very good, in the sense that it relieves the client of the tormenting symptoms and allows his energy to direct itself through the remaining functioning cables. This is how hallucinations, panic attacks, depression symptoms often stop and it is important for them to stop, before any further healing can be achieved. However, the sealed fibre cannot receive from the main supply of life force either, as it is sealed. Unless healing is done to help the fibre return and reconnect, the individual will be susceptible to a relapse of the symptoms, if and when the medication is removed. Sometimes the individual achieves healing unconsciously through counseling, through soul choice, through a skilled energetic healer, or simply by the body itself. This is why it is necessary to allow time under medication treatment, as prescribed by a responsible GP, since it gives the body the relief to start working on its own etheric healing. The self-healing can be assisted by the visualizations presented in this article. On the other hand, the sealed cable impedes spiritual development, as not all avenues of transmission are readily available for the individual. Yet, premature stopping of psychiatric pharmaceutical treatment will not, in any case, help spiritual growth. Health must precede enlightenment! If the cable is not realigned and protected, stopping medication prematurely will only leave the receptors exposed to negative influences again. An example is the individual, who is free of panic attacks for several years, but finds them returning as soon as he stops the medication. He finds himself exactly at the same state he was 15 years ago, when he first had the panic attacks and started the medication, as if nothing has really changed inside. There are many different reasons for an individual’s record and development and each case is different of course, nothing can be oversimplified. However, this was a case, in which the drug functioned as a necessary plaster, but without any real healing being achieved within. In this case, the healing needed was of etheric nature.

I do not agree with a view, which is sometimes suggested, that modern psychiatric medication (antidepressants, antipsychotics, tranquilizers) attract negative energies. I do not think they do. They just block off the stranded psychic arteries,relieving the individual of the draining torment of the psychic intrusions, while giving the body the time to heal by re-wiring itself, if it can do it.

There is one drug, however, which I believe is definitely connected with negative entities and this is heroin. All addictive drugs make the individual susceptible to the wearing of the cords, just like alcohol does. But, heroin in particular, is directly related with negative dark energies, which attach themselves to the addict, sipping his energy each time he is under the drug’s influence. Additionally, the needle piercing act makes it easier for the negative energies to enter the addict’s body. It is not an accident that heroin addicts have a special jargon, by which they describe heroin as if it were a being, with a distinct personality. They are describing the energy they are seeing and feeling. To my understanding, heroin addiction is entirely a spiritual issue and, in particular, a huge issue about spiritual power. The spiritual challenge that the addict struggles with, throughout his life, is whether to give over his power to Spirit (as very accurately and eloquently described in the 12 step programs) or whether to give it to the seemingly ‘all-powerful’ drug. Who has the power? Where do I give my power? How much power do I have to decide where to give my power? Where do I really want to give my power? Who do I wish to see as powerful? This is a battle in soul choice and a fierce one. Spirit can always win, if it is allowed and invited by the user. One common thing heroin addicts say about the state of ecstasy is: “You feel like a king. You feel like you are on top of the world, nothing can touch you”. This illusion of all-power is very attractive, a pseudo-transcendence, mimicking the state of enlightenment, in order to drive people away from it. True enlightenment means the individual must fight through his human weakness first. This can be very hard work, though it can always be achieved when the time is right, with the help of Spirit. The individual prefers shortcuts instead. There are no shortcuts to enlightenment and the subsequent guilt over the substance misuse makes true enlightenment an even more distant goal. The addict prefers the rebellious all-powerful glee of the drug, to the humility of handing his power over to the true Source of power. Like so many other matters, this is also a matter of will, soul-will. At a soul level, the individual sees that handing his power over to an all-benevolent Spirit, which is within him, is equivalent to him losing his will. So, in rebellion, he hands over his power to any negative act or habit promises him ‘independence’ and ‘self-power’. This is not just addiction to drugs, but it can be addiction to money, to worldly power, to fame, to violence, to control etc. He doesn’t see that the addiction which promises him ‘cool liberation’ actually ends up taking all his will away from him, just as the soul energy of the addict is being slowly sipped away, during the trip of each shot. With little energy left, it becomes harder and harder to fight and escape, though Spirit will always help him do it, if he allows It.

A wonderful wise nun once told me: “God does not come with big promises. It is darkness which arrives pompously, promising everything loudly, promising to make you a king instantly. And then, goes on to take your soul. God comes humbly, gently. Yet little by little, if one works with God, one reaps greater rewards than one could ever imagine”. These wise words describe accurately the case of the heroin addict, but also all of us. The mundane, ordinary everyday life seems too small, too faint, too boring to fill up his soul. The instant gratification of the substance, that instant ‘king’ feeling seems irresistible. This is not to judge the heroin addict. His life is a paradigm, reflecting, in one lifetime, the soul journey of every man, across many lifetimes. As every man reincarnates, from one lifetime to the next, in an effort to escape the attraction of the duality of the material world, ego and sometimes dark glamors, so does the heroin addict. He struggles again and again, from one dose to the next, to escape the luring of the pseudo-liberation and find true liberation. The illusion attracts the heroin addict back to the substance, just as we are all attracted to return to a world of illusion, ego and separation. Some addicts manage to liberate themselves, through the humility and faith, which is so beautifully reflected in the 12 step programs. When they have truly escaped the addiction, the self-pity and the temptation that accompany it, the recovered heroin addicts are true teachers to the rest of the world. Spiritual teachers, for their journey has been a remarkable paradigm for the soul journey of many of us.

Returning to the mechanism of the worn-out cable, how can the idea be used to help empower the individual?

1) First, visualize yourself in a golden orb of protection. I have found bright gold to be a very potent protective color. Psychic protection is necessary to keep out any negative influences from hammering our receptors. It is important, along with the visualization, to shape the orb around our body, possibly using some aromatherapy oil in our hands and to state out loud: “I am now placing a golden orb of light of the strongest possible protection around me, to protect me throughout the day, against any energies that are not of the Light”. I suggest repeating this before going to bed.

2) Ask a Being of Light, Archangel Michael, Jesus, Archangel Raphael, the Mother Mary, Buddha, or any other Being of Light, whom you feel dear to your heart, to assist you in the healing of your condition, in a way that is for your Highest good. Do not tell Them what to do, They know. Close your eyes and gently receive their assistance. Then, gently visualize a soft white light embracing, cleansing and re-aligning all the etheric cords in the area of the central brain, so that they are all healed, cleansed and reconnected to the central cord and to Source. You may be helped to repeat out loud three times: “If this is appropriate and for my highest good, I now ask Spirit to help me heal, cleanse and reconnect to Source my etheric cords, so that I am re-aligned and fully connected to Spirit”. If you find this visualization calming and helpful, you may wish to repeat it, and in this, assist the healing further. If you don’t find it helpful, or if it is too much for you, leave it, don’t force yourself. Any healing should feel relieving and pleasant. See white light, flowing from the top of your head down through your chakras and to your feet, leaving out any negative images and energies, which float away and dissipate to light.

3) Some people find it helpful to use a crystal elixir or flower essence, on the top of the head, crown chakra, or on the third eye. This has to be carefully chosen by the individual.

4) If the clearing is too hard to do, you may ask an experienced healer to clear negative energies from you and to re-align you chakra cord. I do feel however, that daily visualization in this way is always important, for it familiarizes individuals in empowering and healing themselves, rather than expecting someone else to always do it for them. Protection and alignment is a habit we all need to develop, for stresses are always present and the more we practice them, the stronger they get. Do not get too obsessed about the negative energies. The more you think about them, the more they think about you. Focusing on images of strength and healing, in a way that feels right to you, is more important.

5) Visualization and prayer are not just self-suggestion. They invoke real change. Words are not just words, they invoke energy too. This is why it important, while doing the self-healing visualizations to use words that carry the right frequency for you, that make you feel better, words like ‘peace’, ‘serenity’, ‘truth’, ‘calm’. The word that makes you feel more serene at the time, is the one that is most needed by your body and soul. You are the one to choose. Remember, words are not just words.

6) When the re-alignment is complete, there will be no more torn, off track fibres. All wires will be well insulated from any negative outside influence. I was also shown that, after the healing, it is good to visualize a golden patch of light, exactly on the spot where the wire had been wounded and broken. This will help it heal quicker, a little like a plaster helping a wound heal faster by protecting it. Positive affirmations also strengthen the process: “I reclaim my channels of perception to re-align fully with the Light. My mind is filled with Light!”

7) Regarding drug and heroin addiction, in particular, I feel that it is very important, along with everything else, to ask for protection from Archangel Michael and, with His sword, to cut any negative attachments from you. It can be any Being of Light you feel close to, yet, I feel, that Archangel Michael is very well suited to do this work. Relapse in this addiction would be much lower, if the etheric part had been taken into account, in those who try to recover. Without negative energies bothering the addict, he is much more likely to succeed in getting off the hook and dealing with the internal power struggles that led him to the addiction.

A final note, which is not related to mental illness, but is about the etheric cord overload: Many sensitive individuals today are finding themselves feeling very tired, almost all of the time. This is because the cords are expanding to their full capacity to accommodate the new energies, flooding our planets. Cords have the capacity to expand, but the transition can feel very draining. Sleep as much as you can and avoid places of strong electromagnetic radiation or places that are too crowded and busy. Much healing is being done during sleep. In all of the above cases, it is very important to place yourself in protection before going to bed and ask a Being of Light to help your healing during the sleep state and keep you safe. In this way, much work can be achieved, rather than our energy being wasted away by chatter nightmares. Always ask for the Beings of Light to help you in a way that is best for you. They ‘diagnose’ more accurately than any physician and They know what is more suited for your own highest path. They cannot assist, unless They are invited…