Leadership Development: Don’t Abuse the Power Drug

“IMF chief jailed on sexual assault charges.” The headline was splashed across newspapers and websites around the world. If you’re not familiar with the event, the now former head of the International Monetary Fund was arrested in New York City for an alleged sexual assault against a hotel worker. The story became the subject of conversation around the dinner table with friends the other day, as I’m sure it has at many tables around the world. A friend wondered how a person could reach a point where they believed such behavior was acceptable.

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Opioid Drugs Intended For Cancer Pain Now Being Prescribed Elsewhere

Going through a disease like cancer can involve excruciating pain, and doctors will often prescribe painkillers to help victims of the disease to manage it. Over the years, powerful painkillers based on the opioid family of chemicals have been developed, and doctors often prescribe this type of drug to cancer patients.

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Mental Illness, Drugs and the Etheric Cord

Many spiritual traditions talk about the etheric cord, which connects our seven chakras. It extends from the crown chakra upwards to Source and from the root chakra downwards to the Earth, linking all our chakras on its way. When this cord is strong, clean and well-connected, the individual enjoys physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. In psychic vision, the etheric cord looks a little like a power supply cable: It is made up of thinner fibres, all wrapped up around each other, composing a thick, strong main cable for the transmission of life force, energy and information. This article concentrates more on the specific part of the cord, which relates to the 6th and 7th chakras and is located at the center of the brain, behind the third eye. In psychic vision, I see that when this particular area gets worn out, it leaves some thin component fibres disconnected from the main core, exposed and unprotected. Just like a damaged electricity cable, with broken insulation, there is the danger of different kinds of short-circuit accidents. For the etheric cord, this is when problems arise, often with symptoms characteristic of mental disturbances. This article discusses these problems, the role of drugs on these sensitive, disconnected fibres and some simple steps to help the healing of the damaged etheric cord. However, it is important to note that this article does not intend to substitute professional or medical advice of any kind. It refers to the purely energetic aspect of certain conditions and the ideas offered here may be of additional help to some individuals, in order to enhance the therapeutic effects of the treatment prescribed by their professional GP or therapist. Therefore, no responsibility can be assumed about the effectiveness of the application of these ideas on specific conditions.

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